Thursday, December 15, 2016

New Release ~ Nicki Noel and the Curious Christmas Truck

Nicki Noel and the Curious Christmas Truck
by L.M. Williams

The Kindle version is 99 cents and FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

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The spirit of Christmas is in serious danger.

A towering Christmas tree that once stood tall in the city has been missing for the past eight years. Without the tree, the city has slowly forgotten the magic that is Christmas.

Everyone except for one little girl.

Nicki Noel loves two things: trucks and Christmas. She’s always felt drawn to them, despite being told that girls can’t drive trucks.

But when her mother needs to leave town for work, and Nicki goes to stay with old friends of her father’s, the mysteries of her past begin to unfold in front of her.

Can a little girl drive a truck? Can the magic of Christmas return to the city? Or will it finally be lost, forever?


This was such a sweet Christmas story!  Even as an adult, I thoroughly enjoyed this children's story about the magic of Christmas.  The characters were fun (SNOT!), and the creativity of the story made me smile the entire time and made me keep turning the pages.  This heart-warming story is filled with many feel-good moments, and I felt full of Christmas cheer and happiness once I finished.

My 8-year old son really enjoyed this, too.  L.M. Williams did an excellent job at telling a story that held his attention.  I could see my son's mind working, as if the story was being played out in front of him. He loves trucks, so that was an added bonus for him.  :) 

I highly recommend this magical Christmas story!

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