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**Review** VIOLENT THINGS (Chaos & Ruin, #1) by Callie Hart


VIOLENT THINGS (Chaos & Ruin, #1)
by Callie Hart

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You’re never really out until you’re dead. That’s what the mob bosses, gunrunners and car thieves of Seattle will tell you, anyway. 

Zeth Mayfair, ex mafia enforcer, has other ideas. Since falling for Sloane, he’s managed to turn her life upside down. Now, he’s determined to give her a stable, happy and, most importantly, safe life. If that means he has to sleep with one eye open and one hand on a shotgun, then that’s what he’ll do. 

Mason Reeves is just looking for a way to take care of his sick sister. Since their mother left, things have been hard, and they’re only getting harder. Prescription meds don’t come cheap, and working as an auto mechanic only pays so well. If he wants to give Millie the life she deserves, he’s going to have to earn it with his fists. And who better to teach him how to fight than the guy who took down the biggest gangster in Seattle? 

You can try to get out… 

You can try to be good… 

You can steer clear of trouble… 

But it’s only a matter of time before trouble comes looking for you. 

*** Zeth and Sloane are back alongside a cast of new characters in the new Chaos & Ruin series *** 

Violent Things is Book 1 in this, the sister series to Blood & Roses. 

You can read this book if you haven't already read the Blood & Roses series! Upon delivery of the book, you will find an in-depth synopsis of the previous series, should you wish to jump straight into Violent Things but are yet to meet Zeth Mayfair & Sloane Romera. 

Of course, Violent Things will be more enjoyable if you start their journey from the very beginning. If you choose to do so, the reading order for the Blood & Roses series is as follows: 





Did I enjoy this book?  That is a silly question – I floved it! When I see a book with Callie Hart’s name as the author, I know, without a doubt, that I am going to thoroughly enjoy it.  That’s exactly what happened with Violent Things.  I love her writing, her characters are always amazing, and the stories are thrilling – never a dull moment.

Ms. Hart does not disappoint as she continues Zeth & Sloane’s story.  All the exciting memories come rushing back, filling you with anticipation of what will happen next.  It’s a fantastic story that inserts its claws into you from the very beginning and leaves you craving more when you reach the end.  It has action, it has drama, and let’s not forget the smokin’-hot love scenes that will make you blush. We also get introduced to some new characters that I cannot wait to read more of – I love them already.

Even though Zeth is a little dark, a little intimidating even…he couldn’t be more delicious.  I had almost forgotten about his black bag of goodies.  Almost.  I always get a little nervous when he pulls that out. But, it's a good nervous... like little-butterflies-in-your-stomach-because-something-good-is-about-to-happen nervous.  ;)  And knowing that Zeth is head over heels in love with Sloane, and would do anything for her, makes him even more attractive. 

Are you ready for more Zeth Mayfair?  Sit down, strap yourself in, and prepare for another wild & sexy ride.



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