Monday, October 27, 2014

**Review** BATTLE by KJ Bell


A battle is fought by soldiers on the ground in a time of war. 

Or at least that’s what I used to think.

I’ve never had to fight for anything in my perfectly planned life, and I certainly never thought I’d have to fight for love.

I was wrong.

One wild, carefree night, and one stupid dare made me realize you can’t appreciate love until you’re forced to fight for it. I want the complex, sexy bull rider who stole my heart in the middle of a deserted wheat field. But Battle McCoy doesn’t believe in love.

What do you do when you aren’t prepared for battle? When someone you care for becomes your greatest enemy? And your surrender is imminent?

I’m going to fight.

There’s a chance he’ll destroy me, but my heart will go to war to make him mine.


★★ REVIEW ★★

I call DIBS on Battle McCoy!  Okay, since I have officially claimed Battle, now let me talk about the story.  This book was amazing!  Days after I finished, I was still thinking about it – still processing it.  At 22% I had to message the author and tell her how I felt about Battle.  I told her I didn't just love him, I ‘LOVE LOVE’ him. ◄ big difference.  I was consumed by him, intrigued by him, obsessed with him.  This sexy character had me sneak-reading at work, and I told Ms. Bell that if I got into trouble, it was her fault and she would have to explain it to my boss.

This is another well-written story by KJ Bell that hooked me from the first chapter.  I am always more than satisfied with this author’s writing;  smooth, flawless,  eloquent.  In just one small paragraph, she can create a scene that is easily visualized and makes you feel like you are there inside the story.  Example:

“He stares at me through the metal cage in front of his helmet, his eyes so pure and so blue they should shine with the warmth of a summertime sky, but they chill my blood and send goose bumps up my arms.  It’s the focused scrutiny behind his gaze that makes me shiver and melt at the same time.”

After reading that, I swear it was me that Battle was staring at.  The FEELS that this story brings will have you turning page after page after page.  I didn’t want to put it down.  There are also plenty of panty-melting scenes that will have you fanning yourself – and then re-reading those parts because they were so good. (or am I the only one that does that?)  Like the scene on the Mustang.  Seriously…trust me…read it…you’ll know what I’m talking about.  That part is so hot, you’ll either need your significant other asap, or a cold shower.  I would love to play the drinking game with Battle. ♥

All of the characters in the story are amazing:  
Faye Callahan – A feisty, strong heroine who you can’t help but wish was your best friend.  She’s sexy & sassy, too!  Battle McCoy (mine) – A super sexy, charming cowboy…he’s misunderstood, he’s SO GOOD, he will own your heart.   I want the middle with Battle McCoy!  Even the secondary characters are fabulous!  Ms. Bell’s characters are always written with the perfect amount of sexiness & sassiness.

When I finished this book, I felt like I just got off an amusement park ride – happily delirious with a book hangover.  I am a huge fan of Ms. Bell – like, super HUGE.   Battle gets 5 well-deserved hearts from me.  I highly recommend this!



About the Author

K J Bell currently lives in California with her husband and three children. As a mother of three, when she’s not writing, she’s usually carting one of her children to their various activities.

She enjoys reading, and music, and is equally addicted to both.

Writing is a passion she simply can’t live without.

She loves hearing from her readers and can be found on various social media sites.

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