Monday, July 14, 2014

*Review* ALLURE by Lacey Weatherford

“Everyone said he was bad, dangerous, and not a good fit for any respectable girl. But for some reason, I couldn’t seem to resist him. To me, he was perfect . . . in all his wicked glory.”

- Allure by Lacey Weatherford

Seventeen-year-old Brooklyn Hall has had her eye on uber sexy tattoo artist, Six Jagger for a while. There’s only one problem—she’s pretty sure he doesn’t even know she exists. A friend of her older brother, Six is five years older than her. Plus, there’s the pesky fact that he’s had a steady girlfriend for months. Still, even though she knows there’s no chance for her, she can’t seem to let the fantasy go.

Six Jagger has had a thing for Brooklyn Hall since the first time he laid eyes on her a year ago. However, after finding out her age, he wiped her off his list of possibilities. That should’ve been the end of it, but for some reason, he can’t stop watching and admiring her from afar. Happy that he’s successfully maintained his distance, all that changes on the night Brooklyn walks into Inked Edges, asking him for an illegal tattoo. After that, all his carefully constructed barriers come tumbling down, taking them on an explosive ride of lust, passion, and desire.

"All’s well that ends well, right? Too bad that wasn’t the end, but merely the beginning…”




My interest in this book surged several weeks back when Ms. Weatherford posted a small, yet steamy, snippet about her upcoming release "Allure". Since I had always enjoyed her past releases, I clicked on the link for the teaser. That little morsel she shared was so hot I promptly sent her a message to inform her that she had made me "choke on my cereal"... it was not a lie...and in that moment I began my love affair with Six Jagger.

To start, I love the way that this author puts words to paper. She has an easy flow that pulls you along while  wrapping the arms of her story around you and before you know it,  you are living in her world. So in my reality you are one of two types of people..A) A huge fan of Lacey Weatherford or B) You haven't read any of her books...if you had, you would be type A.

Six Jagger is just yummy, there is really no better word for him. He is the perfect mix of sweet and naughty. He makes no excuses for his Alpha ways and I LIKE THAT! The first time Brooklyn innocently entered his life, he knew he had to know her...even if she was too young for him.

"I was totally killing my whole self-imposed 'too young' restriction at the moment because, for some reason watching her walk away and not knowing when I  might be able to see her again just seemed too much to handle. I was greedy..."

Brooklyn Hall is a heartbroken 17 year old who just lost her brother. She is spunky, funny and just strong enough to hold her own with Mr. Jagger. She never forgot about him either...

"Yes he was older than me, but I liked that about him. He was such a Not some wannabe like all the silly high school boys who surrounded me on a daily basis. He'd become the guy I'd judged all other guys against, and found them all sadly lacking."

Together, these two are like gas to a fire. The passion and intensity of their forbidden relationship jumps off the pages and twists your heart until you are gasping for air. As they struggle to keep their relationship quiet, I found myself NOT wanting to turn the page. What if someone found out? What if her Dad refused to let them see each other... what if it just wasn't meant to be???

**blogger dramatically fans her face, heartbroken by the idea**

But I pushed on and read this book in one sitting! Their love story is as simple and sweet as love at first sight... and as complicated and gritty as forbidden love gets...Ms. Weatherford was somehow able to balance the best of both of these and write an addictive story with even more addictive characters.

I gave this book 5 hearts because every woman deserves to be loved like Six loves Brooklyn.


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About The Author:

Lacey Weatherford is the bestselling author of the popular young adult paranormal romance series, Of Witches and Warlocks, and contemporary series, Chasing Nikki and Crush, and Tell Me Why.

Lacey resides in the beautiful White Mountains of Arizona. She lives with her wonderful husband and children along with their dog, Talley, and cat, Minx. When she’s not out supporting one of her kids at their sporting/music events, she spends her time reading, writing, and visiting with her readers on her social media accounts.

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