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**Release Blitz & Giveaway!** VICTOR OF THRACE (Thrace Series, Vol. 1) by Elizabeth St. John

Title: Victor of Thrace (Vol.1)
Genre:  Erotic Paranormal Romance
Release Date: April 7th, 2014

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Humans have turned magic and creatures into nothing but folklore and scary bedtime stories.

Thrace, a magical realm for vampires, werewolves and other magical creatures was created so they could live without the interference of humans.

Victor had been commissioned to retrieve his brother’s new vampire bride from the grave and return her to the realm of Thrace. The instant he set eyes on Tatiana, he had to have her for himself. Upon their return to Thrace, Tatiana killed the werewolf prince. Victor hid Tatiana in the safety of the forest. There she would be protected by the Fae.

When Victor returned to the castle to speak to his father, the King, he learned the truth behind Tatiana’s importance. She was predicted to bring peace to Thrace but her actions caused a domino effect. The wolves declared war.

Will there be peace in Thrace? Will Victor and Tatiana have a forever together?


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Her petite fingers burst through the soft dirt as reached for the night sky. Her blonde hair appeared first and then her dirt covered face. She is so pale. She would need to feed soon. That’s where I would come in. I was instructed by Kane to wait for my new sister to wake. She pulled herself out and looked at me. She was one of the many college girls who lived here in Stillwater, Oklahoma. She had been buried in her college colors of orange and white.

As she panted for breath, she shifted her head from side to side, trying to figure out where she was I assume. Dirt shook loose of those blonde curls, landing on her shoulders.
“My name is Victor. I was sent to retrieve you.”

She examined my face for only a second and our eyes locked. I literally gasped at the beauty before me. Loose dirt clung to her angel like features but I didn’t care. Her dark brown eyes were like melted milk chocolate and her pink lips were perfect for kissing, among other things. My body reacted to her and as I reached for her she began to scream. I rushed over in a flash and put my hand over her mouth to silence her. Her new fangs cut into my palm but I bit back the pain with a hiss. Her cries grew silent but I held my hand still on her lips.

“Are you finished,” I softly whispered.

She nodded slowly. As I removed my hand her fangs slipped out of my flesh. I gave the four punctures a lick and they closed immediately. Vampires have two sets of fangs. The eye teeth are much longer of the four. I stood from the cold ground and looked down at her. Her eyes were beginning to tear. Even if she was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen, I couldn’t have pity for her. She chose this life and now she would have to deal with it. Every human was given the choice before they are turned.

“Where am I,” she asked softly. Her eyes grew big in surprise at the sound of her own voice. Her voice rang like a soft chime in the wind, high pitched and beautiful. I loved it instantly.

“You are in Fairlawn,” I expressed the name if the cemetery. “Are you thirsty?” She swallowed hard and her hand went up to grab her dry throat. Her dark brown eyes quenched in pain. “Let’s go and find you someone to drink.”

She reached for my hand but I quickly pulled it back. I turned and walked away from her. My job was to be with her when she woke, make sure she fed her first time and deliver her to Kane. Though my attraction to her is undeniable, I have to stick to the job commissioned to me.

Elizabeth St. John

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