Saturday, March 8, 2014

**Review** THERAPY by Kathryn Perez


I have started this review several times, but had to walk away from it.  Not because I didn't want to show this author some well-deserved love, but because emotionally, I needed some time to regain some composure.

I knew going into it, what this book was about. I was prepared for it. This isn't the first book that I've read about the horrific effects that untreated mental illness can have on someone's life. As a matter of fact, living my whole life with depression and anxiety issues has given me the right to call myself some what of an expert on the subject.

So as I said, I was prepared for another, 'show me your mental illness and I will show you mine'... kind of read.

That is not what I got.

What I didn't expect was the depth of emotion that the author was willing to share. For me she was able to write in a way that reached inside of left me breathless at times. It wasn't always pleasant, wasn't always nice but it was very real.

I usually talk about each character and if I felt a connection but with this book, it didn't matter. We have all played one of these parts at sometime in our lives. If you happen to be the enabler, the savior, the lost, the out of control... it doesn't matter, you will relate to this book. If you have been lucky enough to have never struggled with or been around anyone that has mental illness I would say, take off your blinders and read this book. It may have some answers for you that you're unaware you are even looking for.

To Kathryn Perez I would say this...To write emotions that people can connect with is a true talent... to write emotions in a way that others can feel the life that has been lived through them.. is an all together different thing. Thank you for that.

If you have been a bookie for any amount of time, you know that there are books written that tug at your heart, play with your mind and just plain mess with you... but every once in a while, you find a book that empowers you and gives hope. Thank you for writing a book that is so honest, and so real that I am one step closer to truly accepting ALL of who I am.


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