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Title: Ridge (Wild #2)
Author: Adriane Leigh
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 3, 2014



Sometimes doing the wrong thing feels so right...

I'm a player. I'm an asshole. I'm someone you should stay away from.

I have demons.

I've made mistakes.

And the biggest can't be taken back.

I've gone to hell and back in twenty-nine years and I'm only now coming to terms with moving forward, righting my wrongs, and making amends. Except not everyone deserves forgiveness. Sometimes the damage done is beyond repair.
Everyday is exactly the same. I focus on the pain, in the quest to feel and forget, but I remember everything. When I close my eyes the darkness encroaches and some days it feels like the things that kill me are the things that make me feel alive.

*Ridge, like Wild, is a standalone.

Reading Wild first will provide some back story, but is not required to read Ridge


She unzipped her coat, maintaining eye contact, pulling it down slowly as she backed into my place. She didn’t even turn to take in the surroundings like most women did.

She was here to fuck and it made me all the harder.

"Couch.” I nodded behind her as I took my coat off, pulled my shirt over my head, and advanced on her. Brown eyes widened for a moment as I moved in, kicking off my shoes, pulling my socks, and tossing them aside. "Get naked.” 

It took a minute for her brain to register what I’d said. Her eyes darkened, her cheeks pinked up, and then she pulled the shirt over her head and shimmied out of her tight jeans, standing before me in a lacy bra and panties. 

"Off.” I nodded at her underthings.

"You first.” Her voice was low and throaty and went straight to my dick. 

"Not how this works. You. Naked. Now.” 

She worked my words over in her mind before unclasping her bra, tossing it on the floor, and pulling her panties down her legs.

She was fucking hot. Creamy, porcelain skin, all soft dips and hollows. I wanted to dig my fingers into her hips and squeeze. Leave marks. Fuck her so hard she’d be speechless and still feel me in the morning. 

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Wild (Wild #1)

About the Author

Adriane Leigh

Adriane Leigh was born and raised in a snowbank in Michigan's Upper Peninsula and now lives amongst the sand dunes of the Lake Michigan lakeshore.

She graduated with a Literature degree but never particularly enjoyed reading Shakespeare or Chaucer.

Adriane is married to a tall, dark and handsome guy, plays mama to two sweet baby girls, and is a voracious reader and knitter.


Coming Soon
Slade (Wild #3)



Behind every beautiful thing, there is some kind of pain...

Always overlooked. Always just there. That's what Dillon was to me.

Until one night.

In one night she flipped my world on its axis and there's no going back. But she has secrets, and secrets fester like an open wound. They color the past and forecast the future, but I'm determined to open her up; free her from her memories so she can live in the light and have the life she deserves.

It's just too bad that she wants nothing to do with me. But I'm nothing if not persistent and I'm not a man that gives up without a fight. I've had a taste and there's no walking away.
I just have to convince her that I'm not what she fears, I'm what she wants.

Slade, like Wild and Ridge, is a standalone.
Reading Wild and Ridge first will provide some back story, but is not required to read Slade.


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