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**Blog Tour & Giveaway** LIVING IN SIN by Isabel Lucero

Title: Living in Sin
Author: Isabel Lucero
Genre: Erotic Romance
Publication Date: January 1, 2014

**This story contains graphic sexual content and strong language. Intended for mature audiences only.**

Jace Jamison is every woman’s fantasy. He’s a mysterious businessman willing to sweep you off your feet, a tattooed bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks, and a sexy friend you want to take that next step with. Jace is everything and anything you want him to be. He’s a highly paid escort.

But nobody knows who Jace really is; the man whose dad abandoned him, whose brother was killed, and who had to take care of his mom at a young age. At the age of nineteen, he was living in Sin City, ready for a life away from stress and struggle.

Adrienne has been having a sexual drought since she broke up with her boyfriend. Even then she wasn’t getting fully satisfied. Being an event planner, she’s constantly working at numerous events. Several times she’s seen a man she can only refer to as the God-like creature at her work functions. He’s devastatingly handsome, tall, and has beautiful eyes, but he’s always with a different woman. The last thing she needs is another player in her life.

After a few chance encounters with Jace, her best friend convinces her to just get some good sex out of him and not worry about who she’s seen him with. But what happens when she finds out that he isn’t dating these women because he wants to, but because he’s paid to?

Keeping his job a secret from Adrienne seems easy at first, but when she begins meeting people he knows in his escort life, and they begin getting closer, he knows he has to tell her before someone else does.

When their worlds entwine, and confessions are made, will they be able to work through it? Will she be able to push aside his sins and focus on the good in him? Will Jace get what he’s never had? A woman who wants him despite what he’s done. Or will living in sin cost him what he never knew he wanted?

*An erotic, contemporary romance*

*Book one in a series, but can be read as a standalone.*


We stand on the curb and he raises his long arm into the air, hailing a cab for us. When the cab pulls up, he opens the door and ushers me into the back seat. As soon as we’re both enclosed in the back, the tension thickens. His long leg grazes the side of mine. I can see his hand resting on his knee and can’t help but imagine the things he can do with those fingers. My eyes wander up his leg until I spot a bulge on his inner thigh. My eyes widen for a minute, and I think I must be mistaken, because there’s no way that’s what I think it is. Maybe it’s just the darkness and the way his jeans are laying that has my eyes playing tricks on me. I chance a peek up at his face and see that he’s watching me.  Shit. I’ve definitely been busted checking him out.  I bite my lip and turn away.

As I’m looking out the window, watching all the pedestrians walking the streets of Vegas, I feel warmth on my leg. I glance over and notice his hand settling on the skin between my knee and where my dress ends. He squeezes once and then moves it up just slightly. My eyes dart to the cabbie that isn’t paying any attention. I try to control my breathing while watching his hand disappear under my dress.

I look up at him, but I can barely see his face in the dark. I can definitely feel his fingers, though. They are making their slow and tedious way up to the warmth in the middle of my thighs. I feel a finger glide over the lacy material of my underwear and I gasp.

Isabel Lucero is a military wife who has been lucky enough to travel the world, and see some amazing sights. She has been married to her best friend for ten years, and together they have two of the most beautiful children in the world. She and her husband are Junior High Sweethearts, a couple who are truly meant to be together. One day, their love story might make it into a book.

Isabel is the middle name of the author, and Lucero is her maiden name. Together they create her pen name. She was born in a small town in New Mexico, and was more than happy to move far, far away.

She is a collector of high heels and tattoos, and is highly obsessed with both. She owns a crazy, little Miniature Pinscher who thinks he’s a Doberman. His name is Tyson.

Isabel has always been an avid reader, able to devour books in a day or two. With her now focusing on writing, the reading has slowed, but her love for reading is still there.

Something noteworthy is that Isabel loves to hear from her readers. Never hesitate to get in touch. She’s always willing and ready to talk about anything. If you enjoy this book, she encourages you to not only let her know, but let the world know. Goodreads, Amazon, book blogs, groups, etc. She understands that word of mouth is the best form of promotion.

1. I have to listen to music when I write. 
2. Isabel is actually my middle name and Lucero is my maiden name. 
3. I've been married since I was seventeen. Yep, you read that right. 
4. I've lived in New Mexico, Mississippi, Japan, Alaska, and Guam. 
5. I have an obsession with tattoos.
6. I also have an obsession with high heels. The higher the better!
7. My hair is an unnatural, bright color. Care to guess? ;)
8. I love going snorkeling. 
9. I hate the snow...and winter...thanks to Alaska. 
10. White chocolate is my favorite kind of chocolate. Mmm...chocolate. 
11. I've never had a broken bone. 
12. I was fooled into eating ostrich meat. They said it was something else. 
13. I'm the pickiest eater in the world! I'd never have eaten ostrich meat if I knew what it was.
14. I cuss. A lot. I just tone it down on my author page. But really, it's in every sentence I say. 
15. I hate moths! They freak me out, and we have giant ones here. *Shivers* 
16. Okay, I hate tons of creepy crawlies. I'm not good with any of that. 
17. The place I want to visit the most is NYC! 
18. My favorite food is Chicken Fried Steak. Yumm.
19. Friends is one of my all-time favorite TV shows. I still watch it to this day. I own every season. I can probably quote every episode. I might be a bit obsessed. *shifty eyes*
20. I have the greatest, sexiest, funniest husband in the world. I also have the most amazing, most polite, cutest, and funniest kids in the world, too. Oh, and I definitely have the craziest dog, but he's funny and entertaining, so I'll keep him around. ;)

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