Saturday, December 14, 2013

Review - DOWN TO YOU by Addison Kline



Holly Edgemont used to love celebrating Christmas, that is, until her whole world was turned upside down by an unexpected divorce from her college sweetheart Brant. This year, not only is she divorced, but the kids are going out of state with her ex Brant, leaving her utterly alone. Holly's party-girl friend Sloane tries to break her out of her frump by dragging her along to holiday parties where Holly meets cute and available Chris. But when Holly realizes that she still has feelings for Brant, she has a decision to make: Learn to trust her long time love who broke her heart, or move on for good. 

Brant Edgemont is a divorced father of three, and hopelessly in love with his ex-wife, Holly. He made the biggest mistake of his life walking out two years ago. Despite his pleas to reconnect, Holly still resists him. Is it too late to rekindle their love? Or will Holly move on for good, leaving Brant himself heartbroken and alone?

Down To You is not just a romantic love story. It is a story of familial love, friendship, betrayal, redemption, and the magic that can happen at Christmas time when friends and family join together.


Down To You is a well-written, feel-good love story.  I enjoyed this book because it was a refreshing change from some of the dark, angst-filled books that I’ve been reading lately. 

The writing style of this author makes the story easy to follow, and allows you connect with the characters and feel what they’re feeling.  The author does a great job at making the reader feel how much the main characters, Holly & Brant, truly love each other. 

It’s a quick read that kept me interested and wanting to keep turning the pages.  Down To You is a sweet story that will warm your heart and make you believe in happy endings.  I will definitely read more from this author.  This gets 4 beautiful & happy hearts from me.

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