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Character Interview - ONLY FOR YOU by Genna Rulon

We are sooooo excited to be able to sit down with the characters from Only For You:  Hunter, Everleigh (Ev), Sam, Griffin, and yes, even Heath.   

(When Hunter & Everleigh walk in, both Micki & Lori stand to greet them.  Everyone introduces themselves and then they all head into the next room for the interview.  Lori totally catches Micki checking out Hunter's butt. Lori gives her a wide-eyed look and whispers, "stop that!"  Micki giggles.)

**Questions to both Everleigh & Hunter**

(Lori says, "Well, you two, we might as well start out with the good stuff.  Don't hold back - we're all friends here.") 

1.  Describe your first kiss.  How did it make you feel?


I was so mad right before Hunter kissed me, the first feeling I experienced was shock.  After a few seconds, when I sank into his kiss, I felt warmth coursing through me.  Not just lust, but the kind of warmth you feel when you are overwhelmed with the rightness of the moment—sheer joy and love.  And then a whole lot of lust followed.  *laughs*

(Both Lori & Micki say out loud, "You go, girl!"  Everyone laughs.  Hunter blushes a little.)


I didn’t feel so much as I got lost.  I had fought myself, denied this level of intimacy for so long, releasing the tidal wave of pent up longing and love engulfed me.  I didn’t feel like me…I felt like “us.”

(At the same time, Lori & Micki say, "awwww!")

2.  Do you believe in soul mates?


I do!  And I’ll save you the follow-up question…yes, Hunter is definitely my soul mate.  He understands me implicitly, enjoys my snarky humor, loves me for my strengths and in spite of my weaknesses.  He is able to anticipate the things I need before I even ask.  It’s like he has a direct line to my head (and heart).  The best part…I do all these things for him too.  We have a connection that goes beyond love—it’s an understanding, acceptance, and appreciation of the essence of what makes us “us”.


I believe Everleigh is my other half and that no other woman would be able to fulfill me as completely as she does—I guess that means, yes.

3.  Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?


Running Higher Yearning.  Married *wink*.  Hanging out in the backyard having a BBQ with Sam, Griffin, Meg, and the rest of our crew…enjoying life.


Still working at the FBI, protecting others.  Married, maybe *smiles*.  The BBQ idea sounds good, too.

(Lori says, "you guys are too cute."  Micki nods and says, "you totally are.")

**Questions for Hunter**

(Micki says, "okay Hunter, the floor's all yours.  The next few questions are for you only."

      1.  How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

I think it is easier to answer how I hope to be described, what I strive for although fall short at times.  Honorable, Protective…Everleigh’s

(Lori & Micki are totally swooning.  Ev has to clear her throat to snap them out of it.)

2.  You seem like a very strong, honorable man.  Do you have any weaknesses?

Other than Ev?  Yes, I can be arrogant at time and assume my way is the right way.  I have hurt someone I love, perhaps justifiably, but I caused her pain nonetheless. 

3.  What’s your favorite thing(s) about Ev?

She challenges me, inspires me to be better.  Whether intellectually, in our relationship, or in bed…she pushes me and brings out the best in me.  Also, underneath all the biting sarcasm lies warmth and a spirit of love and giving that I have never seen before.  She would stop at nothing to care for the people she loves, steadfast and unwavering.

4.  What’s the most romantic or sensual thing you’ve ever done?

I can’t tell you that…it would spoil the surprise *winks*

(Micki blushes.  Lori speaks up to take the attention off of Micki and says, "Well, we look forward to hearing about it!")

**Questions for Ev**

(Lori says, "okay Ev, you're up next.  Don't be scared, I'll be gentle."  Ev smiles.) 

    1.  What are your 3 greatest strengths?

I am a hard worker.  I am determined.  I would do anything to protect and care for the people I love.

2.  What’s your biggest pet peeve(s)?

Lying *elbows Hunter in the ribs*, people who put stuff in their coffee, and smug winners *side-eyes Hunter*

3.  When you look at Hunter, what is the first thing(s) that comes to mind?

Very, very dirty thoughts.  (Lori & Micki giggle) When I finish with those, I am just blown away that the incredible man beside me loves me the way I love him.  I feel very blessed.

4.  If you had one day to do anything you wanted, what would you do?

I would love to spend a whole day as a taste tester for the finest coffees…then the whole night burning off the caffeine *wink*

(Lori says, "That sounds like a perfect day to me!"  Then Micki & Lori thank Hunter & Ev for coming and they all exchange hugs.  Micki's hug with Hunter lasts a little longer than it should, but Hunter being the big sweetheart he is, keeps hugging right back.)

**Questions for Sam**

(When Sam walks in, Micki tells her, "we know you don't have much time, so we'll only ask a couple of questions.  Thank you for squeezing in this interview."  Sam says, "not a problem, I love you guys."  Then she gives both Lori & Micki a hug.)

1.  There’s no doubt that you and Ev are very important to each other.  Can you describe your friendship?

Really, we are sisters.  Not the kind you see on holidays and send birthday cards.  The kind you talk to every day, who shares all the joys and sorrows of life.  The kind who tell you when your ass looks fat in the jeans you’re wearing and notices when you try a new makeup technique.  She is the person who knows all my flaws and loves me anyway, because that is what a sister does.

(Lori says, "We totally get that.  That is exactly how we are."  She looks over at Micki, Micki smiles and says, "thanks, friend" then leans in for a hug.  Then Lori adds, "just this morning, she told me my ass looks fat."  They all laugh.)

2.  Do you think you’ll find love again? 

I don’t know if I believe in love, with the exception of Ev and Hunter.  I question if I was ever really in love.  Love doesn’t betray or sacrifice for its own benefit. 

(Lori & Micki wish Sam the best of luck and thank her for taking the time to sit down with them.  They each give her a big hug, then ask her to send in Griffin.  Lori giggles like a little girl.)

**Questions for Griff**

(Sensing Lori's nervousness, Micki decides to speak up to thank Griffin for coming and asks the first question.  Lori just smiles and stares.)

1.  How would your friends describe you?

Loyal, protective, and Ev would say meddling.   I can’t stand to see the people I care about suffering needlessly—I have to intervene.

2.  Have you ever been in love?

Yes.  Once, and I can’t see ever falling for anyone else.  She’s it for me.

(Lori couldn't help staring longingly into Griff's eyes as he answered the question.  When he was finished, she was still staring...daydreaming perhaps?  Micki had to nudge her with an elbow to snap her out of her reverie.  Griff chuckled a bit, and then Lori, with a slight blush going on, offered Griff her hand to thank him for his time, but he declined and went in for a hug.  Lori gasped, "oh!" and peeked at Micki over Griff's shoulder.  Behind his back, she gave Micki a thumbs-up, along with a cheesy grin.)

(Lori & Micki made sure to schedule Heath's interview for a time when none of the others would be there.)

**Questions for Heath**

(Micki & Lori flipped a coin before Heath got there to see who had to ask him the questions.  Lori lost...)  

1.  How was your childhood?

Typical.  Well, typical for a child of wealth.  My parents loved me unconditionally and showered me with affection and the finest things.  I have always been a leader, someone in command.

2.  How would you describe yourself?

I am a born winner.  I understand people…how they work, what they really want…their inner desires, and I give it to them. 

(Micki mumbles under her breath, "conceited much?")

3.  How do you think women would describe you?

I am an answer to the prayers they don’t dare pray, embarrassed to admit their own yearnings...

(Lori & Micki side glance at each other.  While Micki rolls her eyes, Lori whispers under her breath, "are you friggin' kidding me?"  When they look back at Heath, he's sitting there, arm draped across the back of the couch, looking all smug.  Lori & Micki decide they'd heard more than enough from this guy.  Micki & Lori tell Heath that they have no more questions for him and that he can let himself out.  He asks them if either of them would like to walk him to his car [as he winks].  They both politely decline.  They are pretty sure they hear him mumble as he's leaving, "your loss.")

Well, there you have it. Those were the awesome characters from Only For You.  We thought they were great after reading the book.  But after  meeting them and getting a little up close & personal, we love them even more!  If you haven't read Only For You yet, we have no doubt you'll want to after reading this interview. 

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