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I. Loved. This. Book! TONS! After reading Irreparably Broken, I could not wait for this book.  I was crossing my fingers and hoping that it would capture my heart as much as the first one did.  I’m going to have to admit that author KJ Bell… NAILED IT!  omGAH!  Love love loved it!  It was a beautifully-written, emotion-packed story that had me finding it difficult to put down.  Fantastic follow-up to Irreparably Broken! 

I fell so much in love with the characters in the first book.  I didn’t think it was possible to love them more than I already did – WRONG!   They are so well-developed and full of depth.  You could easily visualize them, feel their pain/happiness, and you can’t help but feel like you know them personally.  They are real.  It’s as if they step off the pages. 

Tori – Still beautiful, still so in love with Brady.  She runs into obstacle after obstacle, yet nothing or no one can destroy their love.

“I want him to stay right here with me in his arms because it is here that I realize exactly how perfect he is for me.  There’s no one else in this vast world who can help me overcome my pain.  He completes me.”

Brady – Still sexy, still romantic, and still a dreamy, swoon-worthy BBF that I can’t stop thinking about. Days later, he is still on my mind and in my heart.  

“I’m taking you to be, and I’m going to make love to you, and tomorrow you’re going to wake up knowing just how much you mean to me.”

Tug – My oh my…Tuggy! Brady's hot, younger brother. Not so much the sweet & funny Tug anymore. A little bit more badass I'd say!  And sexy? Hell yes.  I so badly want him to be happy, but he wants what he can’t have. My heart broke for him so many times. :(

“Relax, pretty girl.  Honestly, I am happy for you.  I told you, I’ll take you any way I can.  Even as my friend.”

I seriously had to stop quite a few times to give myself mental break and to give my heart a rest.  And at one point, I had a tissue held to my eye for quite a few pages, because the tears wouldn't stop coming.  So emotional, so touching, so frickin’ incredible!  It didn’t surprise me that I had a book hangover when I finished.  I actually expected it because of how good this book is.  I couldn't think about reading anything else right away.  My heart and my mind were still reeling from the emotional roller coaster ride I had just experienced.  It is now three days since I finished - and I still haven't started reading another book.

This author’s writing style is the kind I really enjoy reading.  The story flows nicely, it’s easy to follow along, and makes you crave more. I'm a details-kinda-girl (love 'em...need 'em), and this book has ‘em. And I must add, the steamy sex scenes are tastefully written and downright delicious! It's also written in alternating POVs (which I love!), so you’re able to know exactly how the characters are feeling and what's going on in their head.  Perfect!

KJ Bell has been added to my list of ‘Rock Star Authors’ and I will continue to read her books.

I would, and will recommend this book to others!  Irreversible Damage gets FIVE beautiful, gut-wrenching, passionate hearts from me!

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