Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Review - Only For You by Genna Rulon

We received an ARC of this book from the author after agreeing to read and review it.  After reading the synopsis and a few excerpts, I knew this sounded just like the kind of book I would enjoy.  And let me say that I am very glad I accepted!  This is Genna’s debut novel and it is a great one at that!  A big THANK YOU to Genna for allowing us the opportunity to read and enjoy this novel! 

When I read a book, I want strong characters, ones that I feel immediately connected with, and ones that have great chemistry with other characters in the book.  That is exactly what I got from this book.  Fabulous main characters, and amazing secondary characters.

Hunter – sexy, bad-ass, smart-ass, protective, confident.  When we first meet Hunter, he comes across as kind of an asshole, only because he was doing his job and kicked Ev out of his self-defense class for being disruptive.  But as the story progresses, we see that he is not such a bad guy after all.  In fact, he is downright perfect!  He is a clever, sweet, and caring…underneath all that confidence and hotness.

"You're going to listen to me, and for once you're going to hear what I say and not read between the lines that aren't there."  

"Anything I can do to help you?" "Just be you, Everleigh. That's all I need."

Everleigh “Ev” – beautiful, strong, sassy, and a whole-lotta witty.  Ev is the kind of girl who I would love to hang out with.  She is a loyal best friend to Sam and would do anything for her.  I would hate to get into an argument with her, because she can definitely hold her own.  Love her quick wit – it had me chuckling many, many times.

"Jose had loosened my tongue; curse him, the ninety proof bastard."

Sam – awesome best friend material!  Sassy, smart, comes from a wealthy family, but doesn’t let it go to her head, very down-to-earth.  Griffin – Intelligent, caring, strong, a BIG sweetheart!  I would love to hang out with him, become his best friend, and maybe even *gasp* fall in love with him.  He’s THAT awesome. 

I really enjoyed  the storyline of this book.  Full of mystery, sexy characters, tense moments, and lots of fun humor.  The banter between Ev & Hunter was cute and entertaining.  They had great chemistry and the sexual tension between these two was enough to drive a person insane.  This story makes you feel many different emotions throughout; happy, angry, scared, pissed off, and sad enough that you will need to grab a tissue.  I love a book that can make you feel so much emotion.

The writing style of this author gives you the sense that you know exactly what everyone and everything looks like.  You know exactly what and how they’re feeling.  She’s very descriptive (which I love), and makes you feel like you know the characters on a personal level and could easily hang out with them.

I will, without a doubt, read more from Genna Rulon.  I am thrilled to hear that Sam is getting her own book, Pieces For You, and it will be released in December!

I give this book 4 lovely hearts!  I would definitely recommend it to others.  ~L

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