Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Review - Arsen by Mia Asher


Words cannot describe how I feel about this book.  To say that I loved this book would be an understatement.  This book knocked my socks off!  This is the debut novel for author Mia Asher, and let me tell you – It. Is. Brilliant!  It went above and beyond my expectations.  I devoured this book.  A few words to describe this book:  raw, intense, captivating, powerful, heart-breaking, gut-wrenching.

This book has many reasons why I love it – one being the characters.  The connection that I want to feel with characters from a book was there immediately.  This author's writing talent makes you love and care for them, gets you pissed off at them, makes you need them, and makes you wish they were real.  I.  Love. That.

Cathy –witty at times, beautiful, a cheater and a liar, so full of heartache – looking to forget.  And boy, did she forget.

 “I loved the attention he paid to me and the way he made me feel.  Alive.  Happy. He made me forget.  Ignorance is bliss, right?  Well, knowledge is misery.  And the truth hurts.”

Ben – Beautiful, loving, strong, devoted, sexy, perfect husband material.  I am so in love with this character.  He couldn’t be any more beautiful – inside and out.  I loved the way the story would switch to the past, and we got to see how Ben & Cathy met, how they fell in love, and how they were so perfect for each other. 

 “Falling in love with the wrong person is easy.  Falling in love with the right person is easier.  But falling in love with your soul mate is easiest.”

Arsen – dangerous, sexy, naughty little playboy who does find it in his heart to love.  My goodness, when I didn’t think I could love another character in this story as much as I love Ben, BOOM! Enter Arsen.  When Arsen was in the picture, I was like ‘Ben who??’  This guy is delicious!

“It’s funny that his name reminded me of fire because he certainly looked like someone who could burn you to the ground.”  

The story moved along so smoothly and was so easy to follow, I often found myself losing track of time – forgetting to eat, forgetting to go to sleep, and forgetting to work.  This book made me smile, made me ugly cry, and made me want to throw my Kindle Fire across the room.  Many times I had to put my Kindle down, take a deep breath, go do something else (to calm down) and then go back to reading later.  My heart couldn't take it.  An hour after I finished this book, my heart was still pounding like crazy.  As serious as this book was a lot of the time, there was also humor thrown in there.  I often found myself chuckling out loud.  Cathy would say things that I could very easily hear coming out of my mouth.

“Slutty Cathy screams in the back of my mind:  It better mean some freaking sex, like, hello? Penis, meet my vagina.”

“Oh, I’m so going to wipe the pretty off that whore’s face.”

And if you’re a fan of steamy sex scenes, then this book will not disappoint.  Whew!  *fanning myself*  I think I may have blushed once or twice.  And then I think I may have read those scenes over again, just in case I missed something the first time.  Serious hotness!

I love the writing style of this author.  This story is beautifully written – it captivated me, amazed me – I didn’t want to stop reading until I was done.  Arsen has been added to my list of favorites.  I will, without a doubt, read more books from Mia Asher.

This book comes highly recommended by me.  It gets 5 FABULOUS, BEAUTIFUL, PASSIONATE hearts from me!   ~L

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