Sunday, September 1, 2013

Review - Walker's Run by Mel Favreaux


Mel Favreaux has transported me to a beautiful place in her imagination!
I loved this story. Walker's run is an amazingly well written story that is able to avoid the pitfalls of a lot of "Were" stories by having very strong characters. This author was able to include the basics of a solid story..alpha finding his mate, defending his pack, fighting off enemies, ect, while writing about really interesting people that get stuck in your head. I found myself thinking about the characters and plot lines throughout my day! Favreaux transitions easily between POV's giving a great perspective of the story.
I connected with Casey right away. She is independent and strong and she transforms into her position in the pack with ease. I especially liked her relationship with Amber, a white tigress.
Braedyn is incredibly sexy as an Alpha, but brings a bit of tenderness by being softhearted  toward his mate, his family and his pack.
If you are a fan of paranormal and Werewolves, you don't want to miss this book! Oh, and if I am every claimed by an Alpha.. I hope it is Braedyn!  ~M

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