Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Review - Damaged & Damaged 2 by H. M. Ward

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I really, really enjoyed these books!  I started them, kept right on reading them, and couldn't stop until I finished them.  Okay, I did sleep in there somewhere.  Oh, and I had to work, too.  But, whenever I had time to read, I was reading!  Two friends of mine mentioned these books to me about a month or two ago.  They said they absolutely loved them and told me I needed to read them.  They were already on my TBR list, and I actually owned Damaged for a while – probably purchased during one of my (many)   1-click-happy days.  All I can say is, I’m very pleased that I finally read them! 

H. M. Ward’s writing style makes these enjoyable and easy to follow.  The humor throughout and the banter between Peter & Sidney had me smiling and giggling all the way to the end.  They had a strong chemistry that felt so natural and the way they were so patient with each other was very sweet.  Yet, the sexual tension between these two drove me crazy!  I just wanted them to get on with it already! But, I understand why they didn’t. *sigh*

“I’ll do anything for you, be anything you need.  I just don’t want to let you go.”

There were characters I loved and one particular character I hated.  In my opinion, if an author can make you feel love, hate, sadness, or any emotion at all while reading, that is good writing.  :)

Peter – sexy, smart, funny, knows how to swing dance!  and has a secret that could make him lose the girl he loves.  Sidney – beautiful, smart, running from an abusive past/ex-boyfriend and from a family who didn't believe her.   Together, they help each other heal, together they help each other get stronger, and together, they help each other love again.

These were my first books I've read written by H. M. Ward, and I’m happy to say that they will not be the last.  I give both Damaged and Damaged 2 four hearts each.  Thank you for the Ferro Family, H. M. Ward!

When Sean, Peter’s brother, was first introduced in this story, he was a total asshole.  I just wanted to slap him – quite a few times.  Then, as the story progressed, he started to grow on me, and I found myself intrigued by this sexy, dark man.  Then, to my surprise, I find out that H. M. Ward has written a series called The Arrangement… and it’s about Sean!  Yes, I’ve already 1-clicked book 1 and I’m ready to get lost in Sean Ferro.     ~L

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