Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Review - Irreparably Broken by K. J. Bell

and 1/2!!

Wow, wow, wow! I LOVED THIS BOOK!  Everything about this book had me hooked; the writing style, the characters, the humor, the angst, the romance, the steamy love scenes, just to mention a few.  I first heard about this book from a blog I follow on FB.  I read a lot of great comments about it, so I immediately put it on my TBR.  When my book club chose this book, I was looking forward to seeing if all the good reviews were true.  They were!  After reading it, I can’t say enough good things about it.  I totally devoured this book, staying up way past my bed time.  This novel exceeded my expectations.

I knew I was going to love this book when I first read the word “hoo-hoo”.  That is a common word out of my mouth, and it made me giggle (mature, I know) when I first read it.  K J Bell’s writing style makes this book easy to follow and enjoyable to read.  It moves along at a nice pace and gives you plenty of details (I love details!).  Loved all of the characters – I felt connected with them and immediately cared for them.  The strong chemistry between Tori & Brady made for great moments in the book and made the sex scenes that much hotter.  Whew! *fanning myself*

“Sunshine, you and Jake had sex, but trust me when I tell you, tonight’s going to be your first time.”  His voice is husky and raw as he plants kisses on my neck between words.  “The first time you know what it feels like for someone to own your body.  The first time a real man makes love to you until you scream so loud the heavens hear you.  And the first time you’ll understand exactly what you mean to me.”

Brady is everything you want in a book boyfriend; sexy, romantic, protective, funny, sexy,  loving… did I mention sexy?  And the tissue notes… *sigh*… so sweet – nice touch!   I am overjoyed and doing a happy dance that Tori & Brady’s story continues in book #2 – Irreversible Damage.  Yaaay!

The banter between Tori & Tug – the ‘I would rather’ jokes – had me laughing out loud many times.  Tug is a wonderful character and I am ecstatic that he is getting his own book – YIPPEEEEE!  

Irreparably Broken by K. J. Bell comes highly recommended by me.  ~L

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