Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Review - The Lonely by Tara Brown


Who is Tara Brown? I know there are a lot of you out there right now wondering, "What rock did you climb out from under?" But honestly, I had never read anything by her before. 
 Don't judge! I know her now... and might become a bit stalker-ish.

I have been in what you could call, a book slump lately.. one of those low points were you really can't get past the first couple chapters of a book before you just put it away and never think of it again. That is bad. I even tried reading some of my faves, just to get back into the swing of it. Did. Not.Work.
To tell you the truth I was getting a bit panicky.. like maybe I had lost my book mojo.
So I really didn't have high expectations when I downloaded The Lonely. Not that I doubted Tara's abilities, but in my ability to stop being such a book bitch and just read.
I started reading on the way home from a family vacation. I had a husband and an entire van full of tired and cranky kids..but as soon as I met Emalyn, I was hooked! No more kids needing drinks, no more husband needing directions. It was a total immersion into the life and struggles of Em and her "benefactor".
The author warns you that this book is not for the faint of heart and she is right. I think I may have touched on every emotion possible. I was heartbroken and crying, furious and yelling at my Kindle and blushing like a schoolgirl.. and that was all within a couple pages of each other!  This is a roller coaster ride from the beginning.
Once I started reading, I never put it down. I read until I was finished..(except for the small break I took mid book to download The Lost boy, book two in the series). I loved the way the story moved. Even with the dark cloud of a very sad and sickening back story, she was able to write of love and hope.
So thank you Tara Brown for writing such an interesting story with such amazing characters! You were able to finally pull this book bitch out of her funk! Thanks for helping me remember that there is nothing better than being lost in the world created in the mind of a talented writer.   ~M

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