Monday, February 18, 2013

Winds of Darkness by Micki Fredricks

    Winds of Darkness (book #1)
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Things changed for 17 year old Mack today.

Because today she came for him... and this time, she found him.

Mack is forced to leave all that he thought to be real and flee to the Lands of Inzio. A strange world that he knows nothing about. He is thrust into a life where entire races of people have been waiting for his return and reunited with a brother he never knew existed.

Noah has spent his entire life fighting darkness. He has held death in his arms and pain in his heart but still, he has hope. He waits for the day that the True Shelto, his brother, would return.

Seventeen years she has searched, killed and tortured for his whereabouts. Finally she will deny him his destiny, end his bloodline and The Lands of Inzio will be her's. Already lakes run black with the tar of her evil. Darkness and rage sit where Kings and Queens once did. The races barely hold on from extinction, but there are a few who rebel…

Can Mack find it in himself to fight for the freedom of Inzio, for a family he has never known and for the right to love who his heart is pulled to? Will the brothers be able to withstand the darkness of the Lands or will forbidden love and broken loyalties consume them?

They are both pushed to the brink of love and hate for each other as strangers become brothers, nightmares become reality and a boy becomes a King.