Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Review - Hopeless by Colleen Hoover

One of these days I am actually going to re-think starting a book, that all my girlfriend love, at nine o'clock at night.
I finally made myself go to bed at three thirty am!
No joke!
This is my first book by this author and I am so glad that I started with this one. This will not be my last!
First of all, Holder.. LOVE HIM.. although at times I thought he was a little too "instantly in love" with Sky, I couldn't help but be totally attracted to his loyalty and protectiveness. He is broken in so many ways but knows it. The fact that he admits he is screwed up and makes no excuse for it, makes him very real and relatable.

There were some very "painful" scenes in this book that made me ask myself, what would I do in this situation? When a book is so well written that you can place yourself into that character's life and wonder if you would make the same decision, you have to admit to the fact that you have been totally sucked into their lives.

My heart broke for Sky in this story. When she talked about how she had taught herself to not feel and pretend that she was somewhere else, I could feel her pain. She was strong and real. She put Holder in some very emotionally uncomfortable situations.. but again made no excuses.. and it, again, made me wonder because even though in your head you know it is wrong.. your heart is saying "I get it."

The way the story twisted and unfolded gave you enough to keep turning pages without spilling it all out for you.... until the perfect second. The plot didn't drag or stall at all.. (obviously if I had to force myself to go to bed before the sun came up!)

This is a very emotional story dealing with some very real issues. If you are looking for your typical broken boy meets messed up girl , she cries, he punches people and love happens.. (don't get me wrong.. that is they type of stuff I love to read and write) this may not be the book for you.. BUT even if that is the type of book you are looking for, I encourage you to take a change on this one because believe me, you will not be sorry you read this book!  ~M

Monday, January 7, 2013

Review - Thoughtless by S. C. Stephens



This is a difficult review for me to do. For those of you who know how emotional I am, and how that emotion tends to bleed into my writing, you will understand my reaction to this book. For those of you who don't know me that well..yet :) ..please understand that I speak from my heart and the books I read quickly become a huge part of me. I can't help it, it's who I am. If I find a good book, I get totally absorbed into the characters and story. Because of that, my reviews will be about how a book made me feel, or what emotion I was left with at the end.

Kiera is the main female character in this story and..well..~ I wanted to punch Kiera~ and at times strangle her.. and then be her friend and at times cry with her..(She cries ALOT in this book.. but I would probably be all blubbery too if I had gotten myself into the mess that she did.)
 I can think of alot worse problems to have than having to decided between  a hot Aussie boyfriend, who is totally devoted to you, and  Rock God, who is completely obsessed with you. But as you can guess, it isn't that simple.
Add in bad decisions, heated passion that can't be ignored and secret hook-ups and you have the type of story that kept me cringing at my kindle hoping over and over that the wrong man, or right man or perfect man wouldn't walk in on something I desperately didn't want him to know about. There were times when my stomach was in knots and I had a death grip on my poor little e-reader because I was so afraid that someone was going to get caught doing something! A look, a touch, a kiss... nearly had me thinking I needed something to calm my nerves to continue reading.
The whole time I was reading this book I kept thinking nasty things about Kiera and I really, really wanted to dislike her for giving all of the "good" girls a bad name. But I just couldn't hate her properly. Sure I was mad at her, wanted to slap her, wanted to tell her to quit all her blubbering and make a decision before she totally destroyed these two amazing men.. but I couldn't hate her.
Denny is the most amazing boyfriend on the planet.. seriously..too good to be true. He is kind and calm and loves her unconditionally..even when she is an emotional wreck over Kellan.
And ohhh Kellen.. the messed up, "save me, leave me,don't leave me", bad boy that we all want to love. His devotion kept me in this story even when I wanted to yell bad words at Kiera for being so weak in all of it.
Even with all this attempted disliking going on with me, there is something to be said about having such an emotional reaction to a character that you are actually pushed to frustration. I wanted to dislike Kiera so much, but her character was so well written that I felt what she was feeling. I felt all of  her self loathing for what she was doing to the two men she loved,  the guilt for not being able to decide and her fear that losing even one of them would destroy her and more importantly to her, destroy them. I felt all of that with her. I understood why she waivered, even if I was screaming at her to make a decision. I didn't like Kiera for the same reasons she didn't like herself.
And to me, that is pretty powerful to connect with a character like that. To actually feel what she was feeling and to live her anguish to such a degree that by the end of the book I was actually protective over her, well..that took me totally by surprise. Suddenly Kellan and Denny's devotion to her, that I had cursed all through the book yelling some thing like "Seriously, get away from this crazy girl!", made sense to me.
My bookie Bff asked me if I was going to start Effortless,the second book in the series, and I told her, "Mama needs a break from this story."
But I will read the next book as soon as I come down off my emotional roller coaster, I can't imagine not knowing where this story goes but I have a very strange feeling that it won't be the last time I want to punch Kiera.   ~M

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Review - The Edge of Never by J. A. Redmerski

This was one of my first reviews on Goodreads.

The Edge of Never


I think there should be some strict requirements to be able to read this book,
1. You have to understand that there will be a loss  of sleep and ability to function due to this book..I started it at 9pm and FORCED myself to stop reading at 3:30am.. I had to work the next day but seriously thought about calling in sick just to finish this book!

2. You have to be emotionally stable because I LOST it several times while being trapped in this story..yes tears, laughing, talking to my kindle, cursing the author(sorry J.A., nothing personal).. so take your meds, do some meditation or whatever you need to do to prepare..cuz it is so worth it!

3. You need to be just as prepared for the let down when this book is over because I went into serious mourning when I was finished with it. I am not a re-reader, it just isn't my thing, but I will have to read this book again because I can't find another one to start that I think will even come close to this one.

I wasn't sure if I was going to like this book because the author jumps right into the storyline and I am more of a "give me some background" kind of girl. Not tons of background, but at least give me a change to build a relationship and decided if I am going to love the characters or not..otherwise I feel cheated out of that.. getting to know who the characters are..stage. Probably some sort of trust issues that need to be dealt with but this is NOT that type of blog :)! Once I got over the initial shock of jumping right in, I realized this was a perfect way to introduce these two and as the story progresses and their lives are unfolding, I understood that neither one of these two really existed until they met and their relationship was all I really needed to know to fall head over heals in love. 
  This book lives up to all the great reviews it's getting! Thank you, J.A., for sharing this with the world!